10 Tricks to Learn Acoustic Guitar Faster

learn guitar faster

Written by Paolo from MusicSkanner.com

If you’re a budding acoustic guitar player, there might be many things that you want to experiment with. But something that almost all guitarists want to do is, play the guitar like a professional. So here are 10 amazing snippets of wisdom that’ll truly help you play the guitar like you always wanted to.

How to Learn Guitar Faster

1-Be slow and steady in your practice sessions
Most people already know this and go by this rule, but just in case you don’t, here’s one quick tip- Always remember, the key to acing acoustic guitar practice is slow and steady practice sessions. If you don’t follow this rule, you’ll end up playing the guitar sloppily. Get started with slow practice sessions and pick up your speed after a couple of sessions. Make sure your hand position and posture is accurate. Also, don’t try to increase the speed until you play every note distinctly, properly and comfortably.

2-Try alternate picking
This is something that you definitely need to try in order to ace your practice sessions. Simply hold the pick in between your index and thumb finger. Make sure the pointy end faces the string. Now gently use the alternate up and down strokes. You first go with a downstroke and then again shift to the upstroke. Follow this pattern and you’ll end up playing the guitar like a pro.

3-Play with a metronome
If you want to play the acoustic guitar accurately and speed up at the same time, you will have to learn the art of playing with a metronome. The metronome is available at your local guitar store. Otherwise, you can also download the app for your Android or Apple phone. Most metronomes are available online.

4-Avoid any kind of finger tension
When you tend to play your acoustic guitar faster, your fingers are likely to get tense. This tension will reduce your speed. So it is highly necessary for you to loosen up a bit while you practice. Try to relax your muscles as much as you can. Also, try to be constantly aware of relaxing while you are building up the speed.

5-Pick up speed
Once you manage to play slow, clear and accurately, try to pick up speed. Try to be faster, be open experiments, don’t think about the consequences. Be faster than you think you can manage to handle. Challenge your limits. It doesn’t matter if you fail. Once you get the hang of it, you will play even more brilliantly.

6-Analyze how exactly you play
After every guitar playing session, it is important for you to analyze your workouts. If necessary, take notes from the different observations you make. Study both your left and right hand. Determine where exactly you fall short? Why exactly doesn’t it work the way that you are looking forward to? Try to be creative and come up with some of the best exercises and solutions to make things work better than ever.

7-Capture your own videos
This might apparently sound a little wannabe for many, but believe me when you capture your own videos; you end up giving an entirely new dimension to your work. In this way you get to analyze better about what you are doing and where you are standing right now. This will also help you to grasp a better idea about your progress.

8-Practice regularly
There is absolutely nothing called overnight success and you can ever play the acoustic guitar like a true professional; overnight. You need to take things slow and give things time. You might not be pleased with your results after a week or even after a couple of more weeks. But once you keep giving things time and practice slowly and steadily, you can surely ace the art in a couple of months.

9-Try exercising your fingers
Yes. Your fingers too need proper and consistent exercise after your regular sessions of guitar practice. So make it a point to try out three notes per string and two notes per string practice sessions to end up playing the guitar like you always wanted to.

10-Learn newer things everyday
When you play your acoustic guitar also make it a point to experiment with the styles. Watch YouTube tutorials and videos to learn something new every day. It can be a note, a chord, or even a finger picking style. Once you do this, you will be a step closer to playing the acoustic guitar like a true professional.

2 thoughts on “10 Tricks to Learn Acoustic Guitar Faster

  1. After I master a piece from paper, i.e. I can play each note at a steady performance tempo, I like to take a break from it for a few days to a couple of weeks. It will be on my mind as I go through my daily routine, and when I play it again, I play it more melodically, more fluidly, and less mechanically, and do a better job of interpreting the idea behind the music. I also find that I now have ideas of variations, better chord progressions, runs and solos and so on. This is when I start working out my own unique arrangement, a performance that expresses the meaning of the song and my own expression of it. By now, my fingers know the piece, and I won’t muff notes, so I can focus entirely on style.

    Finally, I play it just once every practice session, until I can play it confidently first time, every time.


  2. I don’t like to follow to routine to when it comes to guitar practise. I play whenever I feel like and my practise sessions are not less then half an hour.
    I once spent five hours straight learning the song River Flows In You.

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