Obscure Guitar Gadgets

obscure guitar gadgets

There are quite a few gadgets out there for your guitar that are completely practical that a lot of guitarists use. However, they are not the most typical things you may think of when you think of guitar needs. Which is why we have labeled them “obscure guitar gadgets.”

You might have a tuner like the KLIQ MetroPitch. Or a Guitar Capo. Or maybe even a Dunlop Series 5005 Pickholder. The list for guitar accessories goes on and on.  So, we put together a few of the more obscure guitar gadgets that may come in handy in additional to the traditional accessories you already have.

Obscure Guitar Gadgets

For anyone just starting out, the ELENKER Portable Pocket Guitar Practice Tool is a great way to practice on the go. With 4 or 6 frets to choose from, this is definitely a must have for anyone who needs to work on chord changes. It can easily be thrown into a backpack or purse and comes with its own protective case.

SPORTSGRIP makes an excellent hand and finger exerciser that can help you strengthen your fingers. This will help you make your chord changes faster and improve your playing. I know it’s not really a “guitar gadget,” strictly speaking. But, it will help your guitar playing.

If you want to use the fingerpicking technique, you can purchase finger picks that will save your fingers.

Finally, for the more advanced electric guitar players out there, if you don’t have one already, the Caline USA CB-105 Pedal Board with Carry Bag is a must. It will allow you to get the full use out your gear.


Are there any obscure guitar gadgets that you absolutely love? Have you tried any of the gadgets we recommended? How do you like them? We love hearing what you have to say. Feel free to comment!

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