Beginnings of a Rockstar: Minor Pentatonic Scale

minor pentatonic scale

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The almighty minor pentatonic scale: the 5 notes (penta = 5) that make up the bulk of your favorite solos, riffs and lines across a multitude of genres (especially Blues and Rock). It’s usually one of the first scales, if not the first, that guitarists learn and there’s a good reason for that. The scale contains only 5 notes instead of the 7 that form a “full” major/minor scale. This alone makes the shapes “finger friendly” and it takes out the intimidation a bit out of soloing and applying them right away.

How (and Why) to Learn a Song by Ear

learn a song by ear

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When my team of Guitar teachers and I talk to our new students, so many of them, whatever their level list being able to learn a song by ear as one of their main aims. It seems to be something that aspiring Guitarists want to be able to do, whether they feel they need to or not. Perhaps it’s part of their perception of what a ‘real’ musician is, or just feels more authentic than using a tab or a tutorial.

10 Easy Summertime Guitar Songs for Beginners

easy summertime guitar songs
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Summer may be winding down, but it’s not too late to learn some seasonal tunes on the guitar! And from “Summertime Blues” to Kenny Chesney, many of the top summer songs are easy to play. Check out the infographic below, compiled by music lessons provider TakeLessons, to learn the chords for 10 easy songs

Obscure Guitar Gadgets

obscure guitar gadgets

There are quite a few gadgets out there for your guitar that are completely practical that a lot of guitarists use. However, they are not the most typical things you may think of when you think of guitar needs. Which is why we have labeled them “obscure guitar gadgets.”