11 Different Chord Types to Learn

chord types

Written by Shubham Yadav from GuitarIsBliss

When it comes to chords there are thousands of chords to choose from. Playing the same major and minor chords again and again gets boring. Here are a few types of chords to explore for fun.

These chords can be used to add flavour to your guitar playing. To create that extra tension and suspense in your playing. Different chords can be used to add extra colours in your playing. Some are so easy that you need to add just one extra note in the triads that you play.

Never Too Old to Learn

too old
Written by Kevin DePew of RelaxandLearnGuitar.com

I began playing the guitar at the age of 15. I began playing the piano at the age of 10.

People have asked me if they are too old to learn to play guitar. It is a common concern. Many of us see learning an instrument as something that you begin when you are a child, or teenager.

Guitar Miking: Making The Best of Most Microphones

guitar miking

Written by Dan Shaw, a producer and mix engineer with Sydney recording studio Enmore Audio.

Selecting the right microphone for any given guitar performance is key to obtaining an exceptional tone. Just like a guitar or an amp, each microphone will colour the sound with its own character, ranging in difference from the subtle, to the extreme. So, how do we make the right choice?

5 MISTAKES Most Private Guitar Teachers Make | Stop Slipping Up!

guitar teachers

Written by Roz Bruce

As somebody who has been teaching guitar for a number of years, I must have made a million mistakes. I will probably make a million more. However, if I can help a few of you to learn from my mistakes, without making them yourselves, then great! If you read this and feel that one of the points in this list could be what’s causing communications with your pupils to suffer, I hope that identifying the problem will help you to sort it out.