5 Exciting Ways to Display Your Guitar

5 Exciting ways to display your guitar

Your guitar display tells a lot about how much you value it. Some of my friends creatively hang their guitars on a wall with a dedicated spotlight as if it were the Lombardi trophy. Others I know just lean their guitar on the nearest couch.

Taylor 300 Series Review | Why I Bring it Everywhere

Review of the Taylor 300 Series of Acoustic Guitars

I’ve been playing my Taylor 310ce for almost 15 years now. I remember mowing hundreds of lawns back in high school, saving up every penny possible to get the best I could afford. It has traveled with me all across the U.S., to Mexico and even out to China.

How to Properly Clean an Acoustic Guitar

Cleaning the acoustic guitar

When you view your acoustic guitar as an investment you want to properly care for it. I know I do. And I’m not talking about simply wiping it down with a cloth. I’m talking about a proper, deep clean that would make your mama proud.

Best Guitar Tuners Under $15 Reviewed

A look at the best guitar tuners (and apps!)

So you’re looking for a new guitar tuner, but don’t want to break the bank. The good news is that although a tuner is a guitar accessory that every guitar player needs to own, it’s not something that you need to spend too much money on.