20 Awesome Gifts for Guitar Players

inexpensive gift

If you’re looking for some quirky, humorous, and inexpensive gift ideas for guitar players, you’re going to love this list! No longer fret over what to buy for Christmas or on the birthday of your favorite guitar friend.

How an Acoustic Guitar Works

How an Acoustic Guitar Works

I ran across an incredible acoustic guitar infographic recently that I wanted to share with you. If you’ve ever wondered how an acoustic guitar works, this is going to give you a visual reference to better understand.

10 Most Useful Tips to Flying with your Guitar

10 pro Tips for Flying with Your Guitar

When it comes to traveling with your guitar on an airplane, it’s certainly become a hassle these past few years. Restrictions for carry-on luggage and cost-cutting measures by the airlines have limited what is allowed to be brought on board.

Takamine G320 Review | Why You Shouldn’t Buy It

Review of the Takamine Guitar

It is the desire of every guitar maker to re-invent themselves every so often in order to keep their guitars fresh, their image alive and, of course, to keep revenues high. When it comes to Takamine and the discontinuation of the Takamine G320, it’s really no different.