guitar miking

Guitar Miking: Making The Best of Most Microphones

Written by Dan Shaw, a producer and mix engineer with Sydney recording studio Enmore Audio.

Selecting the right microphone for any given guitar performance is key to obtaining an exceptional tone. Just like a guitar or an amp, each microphone will colour the sound with its own character, ranging in difference from the subtle, to the extreme. So, how do we make the right choice?

guitar teachers

5 MISTAKES Most Private Guitar Teachers Make | Stop Slipping Up!

Written by Roz Bruce

As somebody who has been teaching guitar for a number of years, I must have made a million mistakes. I will probably make a million more. However, if I can help a few of you to learn from my mistakes, without making them yourselves, then great! If you read this and feel that one of the points in this list could be what’s causing communications with your pupils to suffer, I hope that identifying the problem will help you to sort it out.

guitar triller

Guitar Triller | Find a New Sound

If you have been playing the guitar for any length of time you know that learning to make new sounds is an exciting part of the never ending learning process.

For those of you who consider yourselves to play at a more advanced level, finding new sounds can be a rather difficult challenge at times. It has taken years to perfect the design, but the is a new kind of guitar pick will provide you with a whole new way of playing with tons of new sounds!