Patriotic Songs on Solo Guitars for the 4th of July

patriotic songs

In the spirit of the 4th of July, I have put together a collection of patriotic songs on solo guitars, because sometimes simplicity is perfection.  All of the songs I chose are performed by regular people, like us, who play because they love it. Because, what better does the 4th of July represent than being able to do what you love?

Please enjoy the music, support the artists, and keep playing!

Patriotic Medley
by wilsonmohill

She is playing some very tricky arrangements and doing a great job of it! I love hearing Stars and Stripes in there–it seems to be overlooked a lot, but it is such a great song.

Star Spangled Banner Guitar Solo (National Anthem)
by claytonh333

A beautiful rendition with his inspiration on the wall in the background! He took some liberties of his own and made it fun.

America Medley
by Stephanie Jackson

The sound of her guitar is absolutely beautiful. The chords that she is playing are very tricky, but she moves through them with grace.

Patriotic Medley–solo guitar
by Vince Carrola

The arrangements he puts together are not purely tradition, but they are still beautiful. I love how he starts off slow and then picks up steam as he goes; when you’re trying to evoke emotion, tempo is critical. When he comes back to America the Beautiful at the end, he ties everything together.

Happy Fourth of July, Patriotic Medley on Acoustic Guitar
by MidLifeVice

Maybe because it’s the first one I watched, or because I have a soft spot for The Battle Hymn of the Republic (thanks Grandpa!), but this is my one of my favorite patriotic songs. The guitar is simple and perfect. There is nothing showy about this recording, just three beautiful songs and the performers emotion.

Please let me know which was your favorite. Enjoy your 4th and thank you to all the men and women who made and still make this nation great!

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