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If you play the acoustic guitar and are looking for ways to clean up your sound, Planet Waves has made a product that will help significantly. The O-Port is a handy accessory that would be great for anyone who wants to get the most out of their instrument.

The O-Port is convenient and extremely easy to use. It does not require you to make any modifications to your guitar whatsoever so anyone can use it. Once it is in place it will slightly alter your sound. Not only does the O-port give you a more crispy and clear sound, it also increases it as well.

How to Use Planet Waves O-Port

The O-Port goes directly into the sound hole and maximizes the airflow. They use a custom material for the construction of the O-Port which allows it to bend into place. The material is flexible yet durable making installation and removal a piece of cake. It is as simple as removing or loosening the strings on your guitar, folding the O-Port as instructed and inserting it into the soundhole. That’s all there is to it, just line up the notch on it with your fretboard, tune your strings and you’re ready to play.

Because the material is so strong, taking care of your O-Port is easy. It is safely hidden in your guitar while you are using it and all you need to do when you aren’t is make sure you store it somewhere where it isn’t going to be crushed and loose its shape over time. There are two sizes, both of which are available in black and white. The small size fits holes that are 33.75″ – 35″ and the large fits 38.75″ – 4″. Every choice available for the O-Port by Planet Waves weighs under half of a pound meaning you probably will not even be able to feel the difference while you are using it.

Fortunately you can pick up either option in both colors for under 20 bucks. Be sure to measure twice and order once. If you’re not sure what size your soundhole is use a tape measure or ruler to figure out whether you need a small or large.


If you have ever used an O-Port, how do you feel about them? We love hearing from you so if you have any questions or experiences, feel free to leave us a comment!

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