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roadie 2

Many guitar players struggle with keeping their instrument in tune. Even with a tuner, it can be difficult and time consuming to get your sound just right.

The Roadie 2 is a new tuning accessory that will help you out no matter what experience level you play at. Using this device will cut the amount of time you spend tuning your guitar before you play down to almost no time at all. The Roadie 2 will provide you with the perfect tune for a large variety of instruments and sounds. Tuning your guitar has seriously never been so easy.

Using the concept of the first Roadie, the Roadie 2 has upgrades that make it even more versatile. It is a self tuning device with features allowing you to choose what instrument you are playing and how you want it to sound. The original Roadie requires you to connect to the app in order to tune your guitar, however with the new model you can now use it without the app. The app gives you tons of great features, you can even add your own custom tunings.

Roadie 2 Details

The Roadie 2 uses batteries and vibration detecting technology to pick up sound waves and then tune them to the correct pitch. You simply select the type of guitar or instrument you are playing (acoustic, electric, violin, ext.) and how you want it to be tuned. You then place it on the tuning peg and pluck the string. The mechanism automatically turns the peg putting your guitar in perfect tune.  A green light even turns on indicating that it is done and time to move to the next string.

If you’re a bass player you are in luck! There is also a Roadie Bass, created specifically for bass players. They went with a stronger motor and larger battery to power it. As well as special programming to handle the deeper pitches. The modifications essentially allow the tuner to do its job. The Roadie Bass conveniently works with the app as well.

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Is this a gadget that you can see yourself using? If you have had the opportunity to test out the Roadie 2, how did you like it? We would love to hear your feedback!

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