Takamine G320 Review | Why You Shouldn’t Buy It

Review of the Takamine Guitar

It is the desire of every guitar maker to re-invent themselves every so often in order to keep their guitars fresh, their image alive and, of course, to keep revenues high. When it comes to Takamine and the discontinuation of the Takamine G320, it’s really no different.

For many years Takamine used to produce the G320 acoustic guitar model as an option for the beginner guitarists who needed a low-cost guitar to learn on.

That guitar – along with many others now in Takamine’s “archive” – has since been replaced by the newer, better line of Takamine G series guitars.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t buy the Takamine G320 guitar but its good to be informed. Take a moment to read below to find out why you should buy the Takamine 320…as well as why you shouldn’t. (hint: there’s some good alternatives offered at the end!).

Why You Should Buy the Takamine G320

Review of the discontinued Takamine G320Discontinued or not, it is still possible to purchase a new Takamine G320 from online retailers like Musician’s Friend, Amazon and Guitar Center. They still have stock – albeit a shrinking stock – of the acoustic guitar that they would gladly unload.

So why should you consider purchasing the Takamine G320 even though it’s been discontinued?

  • It’s Still a Takamine: discontinued or not, the G320 is still a quality beginner guitar produced by a well-respected guitar maker. You’re still going to enjoy the value you get for the price you pay. Speaking of price…
  • It’s Probably Going to be Cheaper: because a lot of these online retails giants hate inventory that sits in the warehouse, especially inventory that will not get replenished, they usually offer excellent deals on these guitars to make them even cheaper than their newer counterparts.
  • It Still Sounds Good: in terms of the standard for beginner guitars around $200, you won’t be disappointed with the Takamine G320. The body still projects well with the spruce top and mahogany back and sides.

–>Check pricing and availability<–

As part of their attempt to get rid of their inventory, Amazon and others also offer great Takamine G320 beginner guitar packs that include a gig bag, strings, a strap and other great accessories that are helpful for a beginner guitarists.

So enough about why you should buy the Takamine G320. Let’s look at why you shouldn’t.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Takamine G320

Like I said above, Takamine did not discontinue production of the G320 because it was a faulty guitar, they did it to refresh their line and add $$ to their bottom line. Still, there’s some great reasons to pass on the G320 in favor of newer Takamine’s.

**Editor’s Note: It seems as if Takamine wishes to forget the G320 ever existed as their “Archives” pages doesn’t even list the guitar.**
  1. Improved Production Techniques: guitar makers spend tons of money each year improving their manufacturing process. The result is often better-produced guitars that cost the same as their predecessors.
  2. How Long Has it Been in the Warehouse? When it comes to discontinued guitars, you have no idea how long it’s been sitting collecting dust in some online retail giant’s warehouse.
  3. Better to Invest in Newer: frankly, it’s just better to take your hard-earned money and invest it in guitars that are newer and utilize the latest in manufacturing technology and materials.

Overall, it’s not like buying the Takamine G320 is a big ripoff, but if you can, why not buy a better guitar for the same amount of money?

Takamine G320 Alternatives

Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to the Takamine G320 that you can take advantage of. Here’s a short list to get you started:

  • Fender FA-100: another entry-level acoustic guitar that offers great value at well under $200. It’s quite comparable to the Takamine G320 and is still currently in production. Best of all, they have guitar packs that come with a gig bag. You can read my review of the FA-100 here or check out pricing and ratings.
Fender FA-100 Beginner guitar pack

Takamine G260C alternative to the G320

The Yamaha APX500ii


You can buy a discontinued guitar, but just be informed. You might be able to get a good deal.  But why not just take that money and invest it in a newer, better acoustic guitar?


2 thoughts on “Takamine G320 Review | Why You Shouldn’t Buy It

  1. Can’t believe you put the Fender FA-100 up as an alternative to the G-320. One is a solid spruce top, and the Fender is a laminate. No comparison. Should have listed the FG-800, or the DG-8s if you wanted to list a Fender, not the best acoustics in the world.

  2. The FA-100 is an all laminate, linden “wood” top, linden wood back and sides (dyed to look like some kind of mahogany-ish type wood) with a bridge that’s painted black and a fingerboard that’s painted black – is comparable to a solid top, real mahogany laminate back and sides Takamine G320?


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