Unique Guitar Pick Sets – The Perfect Gift for Musicians

unique guitar pick sets

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Here is a treat for all guitar players, or anyone who wants to treat someone special in their life with a special, unique gift for musicians. I’m talking about the beautiful themed unique guitar pick sets sold by Art Tribute.

There are twelve cool guitar picks in each set, with six unique designs. In other words, you get two picks per design. Each set includes a beautiful key chain pick holder and a tin box for easy storage.

Let’s look at the sets individually.

1. Surreal Art

Who wouldn’t be inspired by Jose Roosevelt’s brilliant surreal artwork? This set of picks puts six of Roosevelt’s paintings in your hands.

These images are sure to get your mind ticking with inspiration, and is perfect for songwriters. This is one of the most unique guitar pick sets you are likely to run into. Definitely a standout collection and a wonderful guitar gift.

2. Catholic Christian

If Jesus is the driving force behind your music, your life or both, this set is for you. These picks offer a combination of iconic Christian and Catholic imagery (the Pope, church window mosaic, classic art) with a balance of more modern imagery combined with inspirational verses from the Bible.

Leave no one in doubt about your faith when you arm yourself with these meaningful picks. This will be a special gift any time of the year, but even more so around Christmas.

3. America’s Great National Landmarks

Getting on the road is almost synonymous with the guitar, and where better to take to the road than in America’s vast expanses.

Whether the wide open spaces of Arizona or the mass of neon in Vegas, America offers no shortage of inspiration to the musician. As Springsteen once sang, “These two lanes will take us anywhere.”

This pick set features prints of six of the most famous landmarks in the USA. Las Vegas, Horsehoe Bend (Grand Canyon) and Mount Rushmore rate among our favorites. Hold these pieces of America between your fingers as you let the music of this great country flow from your guitar strings.

While important holidays like the 4th of July will be a fine day to present this as a gift, any occasion will do.

4. Gay Pride LGBT

This pick set offers the ultimate in individual expression and the celebration of being who you are (Born ME, as one of our favorite designs in this set boldly proclaims).

Whether you are gay yourself, or just want to show your support for gay and equal rights, this set makes a powerful statement in dazzling colors. This is a perfect gift for a special person during LGBT pride month.

5. Renaissance Art

The renaissance era artists produced some of the most recognizable and iconic art in history. Just think of the haunting smile of the Mona Lisa, the mystery of The Last Supper (brought into the spotlight by Dan Brown’s famous book, The Da Vinci Code), or the question in the eyes of the Girl With a Pearl Earring, by Vermeer.

This is a classic set of six designs, blending the art of painting with the art of your music. These are really cool guitar picks.

6. Van Gogh Paintings

Vincent van Gogh was one of the most influential post-impressionist painters, having produced over 2,000 artworks in his life.

The six wonderful paintings in this set are musical inspirations in themselves: the stark simplicity of The Bedroom, the almost surreal landscape in Starry Night and the snapshot of everyday life in The Langlois Bridge At Arles.

Van Gogh’s paintings are timeless and beautiful, and these picks are stunning little pieces of art to inspire your music.

7. Guitar Picks for Girls

In case you’ve been living in a hole: yes, girls love playing the guitar too! This colorful set of very girly picks is aimed more at the younger generation, but should appeal to some adults as well.

As one of the picks proclaim, “Girls Rule!”. So does this set, and it will make a fantastic guitar gift for someone’s birthday.

Where to find these unique guitar pick sets

All of the custom guitar picks above are sold by Art Tribute on Amazon.com.

The picks are of medium size (0.71mm), with durable, high quality craftsmanship. These unique guitar pick sets are enjoying 5 star reviews across the board and can be purchased with peace of mind.

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