Using Your Whammy Bar

whammy bar

The tremolo arm, commonly known as the whammy bar, is a lever attached to the bridge of your guitar that is used to quickly tighten the tension or change the length of your strings while you are playing. Your style of playing is what determines how you should use your tremolo arm.

You can use the whammy bar for a large variety of playing styles and types of music. A large portion of playing guitar is feel.  And, when it comes to using your tremolo arm, it’s no different.

Using your whammy bar

When you want to learn how to use your whammy bar you should really just spend some time messing around with it first. Try playing some different chords and dropping the arm down to see how it reacts. Dropping it at different rates will give you different sounds so you have to practice and get a good feel for it. Alternatively, you can also do the opposite and start with the bar dropped and raise it. If you move the bar gently while you’re playing you can get the softer noises as well.

Play around with the tremolo arm to create different sounds.  You never know what you’ll discover!

Need to upgrade?

If you are in need of a new whammy bar or you want something other than what you have, there are some great choices out there, the Kmise OT0051 3 Piece set, for example, is excellent and gives you backups.

Or, if you want to replace the tremolo bridge and all its components, the Floyd Rose guitar tremolo bridge parts system is a great, economical way to go about it.


How do you use your whammy bar? Do you have any tips? Have you ever tried the ones we recommended? How do you like them? We always love to hear your comments!

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