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Vibes Earplugs

Whether you are seeing your favorite band in concert or rocking out in your garage, you should take your hearing into consideration. Vibes earplugs are an excellent alternative and are proven to be superior to foam earplugs when it comes to music. You can even have a regular conversation while wearing them without having to shout. Everyone should be cautious with their hearing and Vibes are a high quality solution that also affordable.

Why Vibes Earplugs?

Irreversible hearing damage can occur as low as 85 decibels.  However, most concerts are around 100 decibels or more, making them harmful over a period of time. Some people who actually care about protecting their ears grab a pair of foam plugs and call it good. The reality is, foam earplugs were designed to stop sound in general, while Vibes filter acoustics instead. By doing this they allow you to hear the music clearly without damaging your hearing.

I haven’t had any problems with my Vibes.  They come with a hard travel case and as long as you use it they should be safe. The Vibes earplugs come with 3 interchangeable fit sizes.  The case is also large enough to fit everything, so you can change them on the go. When you are using your Vibes you really forget you have them in after not too long, they are lightweight and comfortable. After wearing foam earplugs for any length of time my ears start to hurt but with Vibes, I don’t have that problem.

When you buy a pair of Vibes not only are you protecting your hearing, but the Hear The World Foundation helps fund hearing projects that provide hearing aids, funding, or education to people in need as well. Find out more about that here.

Because they are clear I can see how easy Vibes could disappear, using the correct size of earpiece will prevent them from falling out.


If you have a pair of Vibes, how do you like them? Would you go back to foam after testing them out? Feel free to ask questions or leave us a comment, we always love to hear from you!

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