Which Guitar Lessons to Choose

guitar lessons

We all learn differently.  So, when it comes to choosing guitar lessons, it’s fine if you don’t want to take private lessons. There are plenty of other routes for learning to play the guitar on your own time. 

The list of playing styles that you can get on DVD seem endless, and the same goes for books. There are even some video games that can help you learn to play.  So the hardest part will be which lesson to choose.

Depending on how you learn, you will ultimately have to make that judgement call.  The nice thing about using the DVD lessons to learn is that once you have your basic skill level down, you can use the DVDs to improve on the specific areas you wish to learn.

Types of Guitar Lessons


Take GuitarCoachfor example, their Muscle Memory Workouts DVD is great for beginners to train your fingers the correct way and places to play. They also have a great Easy Soloing DVD that will have you soloing in no time. It’s not a bad idea to try giving DVD lessons a chance.


If you would rather dive into a book to learn how to play the guitar you’ll love Guitar Adventures, written by music professor Damon Ferrante. It’s packed with 101 lessons.  You can get either the paperback or buy it on your kindle.  Either way, it’s an excellent way to go.

There are also books that include CDs like best seller Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Complete Edition.

Whether you are learning to play acoustic or electric, these books can help you a lot more then you may think.

Video Games

If you want to learn to play fast, try Rocksmith 2014 Edition, they make it for MAC, PC, Xbox One & 360, as well as Playstation 3 & 4. Just make sure that your guitar has a standard 1/4″ output jack and you will be able to choose between 50 hit songs to learn step by step.


Are there any tips you have for learning how to play the guitar? Which method did you use to learn? We would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to comment!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to relearn guitar for some time now. As you said here, there are many different options that I can go with. It would probably be a good idea to sample each of these and then see which one would help me best.

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