Wireless MIDI Controller for Acoustic Guitar

If you have been waiting for a MIDI controller for your acoustic guitar then you are in for a treat! ACPAD knocked it out of the park with their Bluetooth capable MIDI controller. It will transform your everyday average guitar playing into a one man show that can compete with any garage band (it does help if you already know how to play the guitar). The controller allows you to play the sounds of literally hundreds of instruments, that’s why I would consider this to be the most useful as well as the coolest accessory for acoustic guitars, just slap it on, download the software and you’re ready to go!

About the MIDI Controller

The installation of the controller to your acoustic guitar is extremely easy.  You can install or remove it in a matter of seconds. There are adhesive pads on the underside of the controller, you simply remove the protective paper, place it at an even distance from the top and bottom strings and firmly press it onto your guitar. Once you put it on it’s not likely that you would want to remove it.   But, you can remove it simply by peeling it off.

The software that comes with it is very straightforward and is compatible with MAC OS and Windows 10 via Bluetooth. Their website even has videos that walk you through the entire process. These range from how to download the software to helping you get started on recording a few demo songs. Before you know it you’ll be on your way to recording your own music!

This would be a great addition to your home studio.  Or for anyone looking to take their playing abilities to the next level.


If you have had the opportunity to get your hands on one of these let us know how you like it! We always love hearing from you so feel free to leave us a comment!

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