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We’re always looking to expand the breadth and diversity of knowledge available on GuitarAdvenures.com. If you’d like to write a one-off guest post on this site or become a regular contributor, we’d love to hear from you!

Guest posting on GuitarAdventures.com will not only allow you to share your knowledge of guitars with an audience of beginner and intermediate guitarists, you can also build your personal profile and online presence. Every guest post includes an author bio with a signature link at the end of the article where you can link out to your own website, Facebook page, or Twitter profile.

Before you use the contact form below, please read through these guest post guidelines carefully.

What GuitarAdventures is About

GuitarAdventures aims to appeal to beginner and intermediate guitarists who are looking to improve their skills or research their next guitar to buy. We cover every kind of guitar from acoustics, electrics and classical guitars as well as a variety of styles.

Your article should be focused on this audience with a topic that is both interesting and entertaining.

What Can I Write About?

You are welcome to write about a wide variety of guitar topics here on GuitarAdventures.com including guitar reviews, gear reviews, top 5 lists, practice tips, etc. Topics that tend to be the most useful as well as most viral tend to be something like:

  • 3 Most Useful Tips for Beginner Guitarists
  • 5 Guitar Accessories You Can’t Leave Home Without
  • How to Fix Buzz on Your Guitar
  • What NOT to Do with your New Guitar

How Long Should My Post Be?

Most of the articles published on GuitarAdventures.com are between 700-1200 words in length, but we accept anything over 500 words.

Length is not as important as quality. Make sure that your content contains informative, helpful information and we’ll work with you on the length.

How to Submit a Guest Post

So now that you’ve read our guidelines, feel free to email us at josh@guitaradventures.com. You don’t have to send along the entire article yet, just send us your proposed title and we’ll let you know what we think.

Not all articles submitted will be published. We reserve the right to reject any articles we don’t believe fit with the GuitarAdventures.com theme.